NKO Navy

Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is a huge website, used by retired, and reserve United States Navy members. NKO gives users the ability to look at career information, gain personal references, training and more.

Many of the resources users will have will be for professional improvement. Navy e-learning gives users the ability to review  related career courses. For example, there are courses in Information Technology that can give users the ability to educate themselves regarding recreation or professional information.

The Navy also allows retired personnel the ability to access NKO Navy. One of the strategies is to use a large knowledge pool of the active duty members of the Navy. By allowing retired and active duty members to communicate, knowledge is easily shared.

To gain access to the NKO Navy users will have to go to www.nko.navy.mil/

Knowledge can be shared through the community practice program. This program allows users the ability to organize, and form special interest groups. These groups focus on continued learning, and collaboration.

If you are having problems logging into NKO navy, check out our NKO Navy Login page, or the NKO Password Reset page.


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