Guide to NSIPS entry with CAC

Recently there has been a lot of user complaints about people facing trouble regarding getting access to NSIPS (Navy Standard integrated personal system) with CAC. In addition to such complaints many have also placed complaints on different forums and also in one net re-directs for quick information. While reviewing some of the latest CAC card readers in the industry I came to know about this problem and the people who are facing problem as such are really not happy about it at all. So to lessen this discomfort, today I will share with you some of the helpful troubleshooting tips that worked for many to solve the logging problem into NSIPS and into NKO(Navy knowledge online)and I am sure it will help you too.

The NSIPS is the US navy’s one and only way to assure electronic payment to the US navy sailors. This system is ran by a highly sophisticated ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) system that holds all the data necessary to provide a smooth and perfect quality service to the sailors. The ERP system helps the sailors to get notified about their ESR or Electronic Service Record instantly. The use of CAC has made it more flexible and easier than ever. Because this database holds very important and confidential information about the beholders it is very important to have the documents perfectly verified for your access account to use this ESR. So if you are having problem with accessing your ESR system or NKO with your Common Access card then the first thing you should do is to check if your documents have been properly validated or not. According to ranks the access of such system especially into the Navy Knowledge System is reserved by the service provider of this database oriented ERP. So if you have faced any trouble regarding accessing NSIPS or NKO server with your CAC, you should contact the NSIPS contact support to check the current state of your papers.

Another thing that is really common in most NSIPS system is the unstable hardware and operating system compatibility. As you are using the Navy Activ Client software to use of Common Access Card to get access into ESR and NKO, you should check if the version of the ActivClient that you are using supports your Operating system or not. In many cases people failed to get information from the NSIPS or from the Navy Knowledge online server using their CAC just because they have an unstable version of the software on their computer. The Activclient software comes in both 64 and 86 bit version. Many of the people who have problem regarding accessing their account found that they have chosen the automatic option while installing the software on their computer. So as you are installing the client software for smooth access to Navy knowledge Online or into the NSIPS server do check that the software version matches your operating system.

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