Accessing Navy knowledge online with CAC

Beginners guide to Accessing Navy knowledge online with CAC

1st step: Obtaining the CAC card

Get a CAC. We recommend this one. The NKO is a highly secured system which is only for the use of chosen Navy personal. As such it is very important for the person who is interested to use this service to get authorization from the NSIPS authority. Without this authority it is not possible for one to access the information encrypted in the NKO.

Normally a CAC is given to a Navy personal at the joining of in the Navy. But if you have not given any or you want to get one then you have to get a sponsorship from a government official or a military employee. You can then register in the DEERs to get validated to get a CAC.

After validating your paper if everything ok then authority will do a thorough check on your background and if everything is found up to the mark then you will be provided with CAC with which you can get access to NKO.

2nd Step: installing the CAC reader

After getting the CAC, it is time for you to get the best CAC reader in the market that will help you to get access to NSIPS server quicker. If you get the top quality CAC readers in the market they come with the new PnP system that will save you a lot of unnecessary time from installing drivers as such.

3rd step: DOD Verification

After installing the reader do install the DoD root certificate on your computer which will validate your computer to access the NSIPS system. Many of the people who are finding problems with accessing NKO have found that the forgot to install the DoD root at the first place. So you should install it to able to use your card without any problem

4th: Getting the ActivClient

You have to install the correct version of ActivClient. You will find more about this on straight guideline to NSIPS access troubleshooting.

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