Steps for Accessing your Navy Knowledge Online Account

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Accessing Navy knowledge online with CAC

Beginners guide to Accessing Navy knowledge online with CAC

1st step: Obtaining the CAC card

Get a CAC. We recommend this one. The NKO is a highly secured system which is only for the use of chosen Navy personal. As such it is very important for the person...Read More »

Guide to NSIPS entry with CAC

Recently there has been a lot of user complaints about people facing trouble regarding getting access to NSIPS (Navy Standard integrated personal system) with CAC. In addition to such complaints many have also placed complaints on different forums and also in one net re-directs for quick information. While...Read More »

NKO Navy Password Reset

Resetting your NKO Navy Password

Follow these steps and you will reset your NKO account password:

1. Go to

2.NOTICE: If you’ve changed your name, or your name is misspelled, go to to update your information.

3. Fill out your last name, social security number, day of birth, month of...Read More »

Steps to log into NKO

Logging into NKO Navy using your CACĀ 

Follow these steps and you will log into your NKO account:

1. Visit

2. Plug in your CAC into the ActivCard CAC Reader.

3. Select the CAC Login on the NKO front page.

4. Type in your ID.

5. Select OK.

6. Finally, Type in your CAC PIN.

7....Read More »

3 thoughts on “Steps for Accessing your Navy Knowledge Online Account

  1. I’m trying to use the nko website for my training courses and not able to get pass the PIN section, please send me a link to the right site,I already have a NKO account set up and my password has been reset, thank you

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